If you ever stayed in Spring Tide Inn, you will notice a lovely elderly woman that will prepare a lovely breakfast for you in the morning(except Friday as this is her day to spend with her lovely hubby to relax and enjoy themselves). Her name is Jean. For over 18 years she has been preparing the lovely breakfast for thousands of guests that have stayed at the guesthouse. Many have become regular and become her best friends.

Jean grew up in the UK and immigrated to South Africa when she was younger.(Till today, no one really knows her true age, there is a hearsay that her sister passed away at 93 years old). She and her husband moved down to Cape Town about 20 years ago and settled here after the Soweto riot. She has 5 children and have numerous grand children. She can be retired now however she choose to stay on the job in which she loves.

She said once:" You never know who is going to walk in the door tomorrow." This is because sometime she is surprised by old returning guests who is also a friend with surprise visits and this just makes her day.

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