Real Time Management Advice

As breakfast time comes to an end, Jean usually sit in her "office" checking the invoices and call up supplier for next day's breakfast. At the same time all the staffs also takes a coffee break and sit in the eating area have an general infomative meeting.

During the meeting she mentioned something about her life when she was young in the UK. She said she is a very clean person. She used to spend half of her time cleaning up her house in the UK so that everything is perfect clean. In her house she had tiles in the entrace of the house. So when the kids finished school, she instructed them not to mess up her tiles at the entrance. Therefore her kids had to skip over the tiles in order to get into the house. She giggled as she remembers how her kid were skipping into the house.

She then said if she can go back in time, she would have spend less time on cleaning but more time on hugging her kid.

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