Mysterious Ginger Cat

There is a ginger cat that always wonders around the Spring Tide Inn. Sometimes the cat wonders inside and we would try to chase him outside. However, Jean really likes this cat very much(I think she like all cat). She said that this cat talks to her sometimes when she is alone with the cat. But I can only see the cat make a sound sometimes as if he wants some food.

We had an African manageress before and she said that the cat has some sort of spirit on him as african tradition thinks that sometime the spirit will return in animal forms. She believed it could be her ex-boss that passed away many years ago when he was on business trip. When Jean mentioned it, we all got quiet and looked at the cat, a creepy feeling just jumps into the air.

Earl and Jean really love the cat. But the guesthouse has a strict restriction to forbid the cats to come into the guesthouse as some guests may not like any cat. But the cat still sneek into the guesthouse from time to time.

The cat has no name and the cat just love wondering around Spring Tide Inn. Sometime you don't see him for months. I used "him" because I think it is a "him", but some say it could be "her". Why don't you find out for us if you ever see the mysterious ginger cat.

Mysterious Ginger Cat

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